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Re: why does setup keep trying to install non-required packages?

Am 11.08.2013 09:16, schrieb Andrew Schulman:
Fairly often when I run setup just for updates, it selects new packages for installation that I haven't selected and that aren't required by any of my
other packages.

Right now setup wants to install the login package.  I didn't select it,
and if I unselect it the installation continues without any problem.  It
happened in setup-x86, and now setup-x86_64 wants to do it too.  I try to
keep my installation slim, so I don't want setup to add new packages that
aren't required and that I didn't select.

Has anyone else observed this?
Yes, I noticed the same thing, and I noted the packages it wanted to install once but they were different on the next attempt. I don't have the list at hand now, but among them were some big packages like lyx and ghostscript, certainly not by dependency.
Know the reason? Are they new packages, and setup assumes I want all new packages?


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