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Re: HEADSUP MAINTAINERS: flat upload layout

Yaakov Selkowitz writes:
> A few things would have to be changed on the infrastructure side, but I
> think it's doable.  The biggest issue may be that maintainers need to
> mark their packages ARCH=noarch as appropriate, and then remember to
> upload to a separate directory.  The latter could be simplified with the
> "cygport upload" proposal, should we decide to do this with noarch in
> the first place.

That only really works for pure noarch packages of which there aren't
all that many.  As you say, this is doable today with not too much
manual work.  A larger benefit would be to split "normal" packages into
their arch and noarch part (roughly, between executables and scripts and
documentation).  That was one of the reasons I'd have preferred multiple
build directories in the same work directory for cygport, but we're
having something different now.

In any case, setup.exe is much more flexible than most people give it
credit for, I'm using my own install hierarchy layout with three
parallel package trees (cygwin, cygport and patches) and three branches
below that (noarch, x86 and x86_64), although noarch is empty for

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