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Re: MTA packaging (exim, postfix, sendmail, ssmtp)

Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
On 2014-08-28 18:25, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
Corinna, Christian, Daniel, Pierre,

While I'm working out the details of allowing all your MTA packages to
coexist, it would be helpful if you could clarify under what
circumstances, if any, you expect that your MTA could function as
/usr/sbin/sendmail for the purposes of sending outgoing mail without any
configuration on the part of users.

The postfix sendmail emulation would at least require that postfix is running as service/daemon. With default configuration, postfix sends email directly to destination MX server. This won't work in many use cases (direct access blocked by firewall, destination port 25 blocked by anti-virus application or ISP, connections from dynamic IP addresses rejected by MX, ...).


I know you're still working on some runtime issues with postfix, but could you provide a file list so I can see what your package may look like when it's ready?

Attached is a tar -t output of current draft postfix package (excluding the -doc and -debug packages). The conflicting names already have a .postfix extension.


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