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As I said in another thread I intend to skip directly to version 5.22
shortly after it becomes available in May (assuming the release schedule
is still holds).

While looking into some of the test fails on 5.18.4 I've moved back to
5.14.4 for comparison (the fail turned out to be a combination of new
optimizations in gcc-4.9 and undefined behaviour in Perl code).  The fix
in this case was to add a compiler flag (-fwrapv) that disables those
optimizations and I'm now back to having roughly the same test fails as
the old 5.14.2 from Reini:

Failed 9 tests out of 2048, 99.56% okay.
  --> returns a long path name when called from mintty
  --> this old version of Win32 does not know about Windows 8.1
  --> ANSI path functions do not return the expected results
  --> same as 5.14.2
  --> same as 5.14.2
  --> works if test is not run as Administrator (but then other tests fail)
  --> works if test is not run as Administrator (but then other tests fail)
  --> global.sym has exec bit set, but not registered as such
  --> also something to do with global.sym

I'll probably keep the Win32 and other bundled CPAN modules as released
with 5.14 and provide the latest versions as unbundled perl-* packages
so that Module::CoreList doesn't lie to the user.

So, it looks like I'm ready to bring Perl on both 32bit and 64bit to the
same (final 5.14.4) version plus I can already do the packaging changes
planned for the 5.22 release (dissolution of perl_vendor and creation of
perl_base as a minimal install variant) for both architectures.  I hope
that this would enable a much smoother transition when that version gets
released since the dependencies of those packages relying on Perl should
be fixable until then.

If this sounds like a good idea to everybody else I'd remove the current
test package for 5.18.4 on 32bit and replace it with another test
package for 5.14.4, likely in about two weeks.  Comments or suggestions?

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