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Re: cmake update needed

On Wed, 2015-02-04 at 16:08 -0800, Tony Kelman wrote:
> > Obviously the patches to the modules won't affect the build of cmake
> > itself, but they do affect the building of other packages using cmake.
> > These patches were all added over years of testing and usage, and are
> > required for a useful cmake package.
> Sure. Were the reasons for them ever written down? If I'm going to
> maintain the package, I do not want to carry local patches forever.

Given our past experience[1][2] in working with upstream, anyone who
maintains a working cmake is going to have to carry patches long-term,
if not permanently.

[2] and

> CMake's test suite is very extensive, if it's missing use cases that
> are specific to Cygwin then I'm sure upstream would be willing to add
> add more tests to catch them in the future. I'm willing to pursue
> upstreaming the patches wherever possible, but need test cases to do
> so. I've made this request once or twice before and it was ignored.

All these patches are the result of years of real-world usage of cmake,
and there will likely be more patches required in the future.  I can't
tell you off the top of my head which packages require each of these
changes, but I can tell you why they are necessary (and a few of them
should be quite obvious).


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