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Re: perl-5.14.4

Reini Urban writes:
>> I expect them to be compatible, but I haven't tested that assumption yet.

> You need to keep the useint* and usemymalloc settings from 5.14.2, then
> it should be ok.

I'll check again but I don't think these have been altered for 5.14.4.

> For the new 5.22 one you need to disable usemymalloc and remove the
> "_0"/".0" suffix in
> the dll and archname directory name to provide seemless upgrades to
> 5.22.1 and 5.22.2

I'll get to that later, but I expect that eercise to be roughly the same
as what we have to do now?  Or has the build system changed that much?

> later, to fix the .0 bugs. Typically a .0 perl release is of very poor
> quality.

I'll only put the .0 out for testing, the first non-test release will
likely be .1 -- but let's see what happens.  In any case this is why I
wanted to have a solid 5.14.4 base in case it takes a while for things
to get in order.

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