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Re: cmake update needed

On 2015-02-06 12:04, Tony Kelman wrote:
>> Yes. It's not the task of the application to second-guess the
>> underlying "OS" (Cygwin taking the role in a way).
> There are various wrapper scripts in autotools to do the same thing
> (use Cygwin as a build environment for non-Cygwin compilers), they just
> tend to make decisions on what kinds of path translation to do based on
> `uname` rather than compile-time #ifdef's. Though with CMake, users can

For Libtool, the reason is that the heuristic in MSYS can't be trusted
to do path translations in the correct places.

So, there is infrastructure in place to do explicit path translation
for MSYS, and piggy-backing on that to use cygpath for explicit path
translation when using Cygwin to drive Win32 tools (such as MSVC) was
a small detail. On Cygwin, that path translation infrastructure is
completely bypassed, unless you ask for it at configure time. The only
case where it's on-by-default is MSYS (where you'll need it).


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