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Re: perl-5.14.4

Achim Gratz writes:
> If this sounds like a good idea to everybody else I'd remove the current
> test package for 5.18.4 on 32bit and replace it with another test
> package for 5.14.4, likely in about two weeks.  Comments or suggestions?

While I have to do some more polishing of the cygport file and patches,
I've just tested that the builds actually work as drop-in replacements
for the current perl in Cygwin.  All existing perl modules should work
with the new version.  I have successfully built and tested a dozen or
so modules with the help of the existing modules, both with and without
XS. I'll be away for the rest of the week, but if anybody wants to try
the new packages out before they hit the mirrors some time next week,
please run

setup-{x86,x86_64}.exe -XOs

to install/update the test packages perl, perl_base, perl_manpages,
perl_pods and perl-debuginfo as appropriate (they should all be at
version 5.14.4-2).  Leave perl_vendor on 32bit alone for now, I'll take
care of the unbundling later.

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