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Re: perl-5.14.4

Achim Gratz writes:
> Achim Gratz writes:
>> It turns out that doing so damages the debug information in the library
>> and then it can't be extracted later, so I'll have to skip this step
>> when building with cygport.  I have no idea how and why this happens;
>> the debug information is still there, but quite obviously it can't be
>> correctly associated with the code after rebasing.  Is that something
>> that can be fixed in rebase or objcopy?
> Specifically, running "nm -l" does not output the source files and line
> numbers any more.  The entries are still in the object file, but the
> association with the symbols has been lost.

Looking at the DWARF dump it seems that the .debug_str section has been
relocated in the rebased image.  If any body knows how to inject this
section from the original DLL into the rebased image I could test if the
debug information would show up again, but I think that this section
should not be rebased.

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