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Re: [ITP] Sendmail 8.14.9

Hi Daniel,

On Feb 17 13:03, D. Boland wrote:
> Hi Group,
> I have considered your suggestions, and changed the package accordingly:
> * I added the following man pages to the Alternatives system:
> mailq(1), newaliases(1), aliases(5), sendmail(8).
> * I separated the following functions from the postinstall script and put them in
> the /usr/bin/sendmail script:
> - Creation of user and group accounts.
> - Installation of services.
> - Setting alternatives to manual mode
> * I removed the formatted man pages in /usr/share/man/cat*, and added troff versions 
> in /usr/share/man/man*.
> * I moved the config files to the designated location /etc/defaults/etc

Only two smaller problems:

- The mailq and newaliases symlinks in /usr/bin must not be part
  of the package, otherwise they potentially overwrite an existing
  configuration.  They are created by sendmail-config anyway, if
  the user chooses to run the script.

- Probably less important, but the other MTAs are installed into
  /usr/sbin, not into /usr/libexec.  Fedora installs the sendmail
  binary as /usr/sbin/sendmail.sendmail, analog to postfix, which
  is installed on Cygwin and Linux as /usr/sbin/sendmail.postfix.
  But that's not that important, as long as there's no collision.

Other than that, I think the package is GTG.


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