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Corinna Vinschen writes:
> The problem here is how the Windows stack works.  "Stack reserve" is the
> initial size of the reserved virtual memory space used for the stack of
> the main thread.  By default that's 2 Megs.

There were in fact two threads at the point of the SEGV, one in the
kernel DLL with a very short stack and the other one with a lot of stack
in compile.c (IÂdon't know which one would be the main thread).

> However, the stack for the main thread has a problem.  The way a new
> process is created, the main thread stack is jammed between certain
> other datastructures, in the address space from 0x30000 and 0x230000.
> Since the stack is growing top-down, there's nothing a process can do
> when the reserved stack space is exhausted.  Except generating an
> exception STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW.  And then... what?  There's no way to
> reserve more space below 0x30000 and even *if* it would be possible, it's
> only a mere 192K.

I'm just saying that a message like "stack overrun" or something of that
sort would have told me to go look for the stack size a lot earlier than
just a segfault.  As far as building maxima goes the problem is solved
and I just posted here again in case Yaakov thinks that shouldn't have
happened or maybe increase the stack size for the next build.

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