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Re: [ITP] mkvtoolnix - Tools for manipulating Matroska files

On Sat, 2015-05-30 at 12:31 +0100, David Stacey wrote:
> mkvtoolnix is a collection of tools for manipulating Matroska files 
> (*.mkv, *.mka). It features command line utilities and a GUI front end. 
> It requires libebml [1], libmatroska [2] and pugixml [3].

This would be a nice addition.

> mkvtoolnix is present is most Linux distros [4]. Packaging is based on 
> Fedora. GUI package contains both wx-widgets and Qt variants. I may 
> split this into two separate packages, depending on how Fedora package 
> their version.

In Fedora, only the wxWidgets GUI is built:

But that means that mkvtoolnix-gui is actually missing in Fedora.  While
it is somewhat unusual for a single package to provide a mix of GTK+ and
Qt GUIs, these are separate programs and the set would seemingly be
incomplete without both.  (FWIW it's also unusual to use Rake in a
project which doesn't use Ruby.)

I think this can be GTG as is, once the dependencies are updated for the
libpugixml1 naming.



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