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Re: cygport: allow setting prev:, curr:, and test: in autogenerated setup.hint

Andrew Schulman writes:
> I have a package (socat) where I need to set the curr: and test: fields in
> setup.hint.  I got tired of adding them to the autogenerated setup.hint files
> after every build, so I wrote a patch for cygport to support specifying them in
> the cygport file.  For example, setting
> TEST=2.0.0-b8-1
> in the cygport file will give
> curr:
> test: 2.0.0-b8-1
> in setup.hint. The PREV, PKG_PREV, CURR, PKG_CURR, TEST, and PKG_TEST variables
> are all supported.
> The variable name TEST might be too generic, but I'm not aware of any other uses
> for it, and grep -r '\<TEST\>' in the cygport source turns up none.  If
> necessary it could be renamed to e.g. SETUP_TEST, but then probably CURR,
> PKG_CURR etc. would all have to be renamed too.

At least if it ever gets exported, then TEST will be throwing a monkey
wrench into a few build systems, I suspect.

> The patch is in the setup.hint branch of

It seems you've re-invented something that David Rothenberger has
implemented before in a slightly different way:

It's also integrated in my patched-up version of cygport here:


FWIW, I've been using Dave's patch a few times and it seems slightly
less verbose than what you've got.

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