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Re: Perl 5.22.0

> The current plan is that the packages should be available on my server
> by the end of the week latest.

I've just uploaded the files, please point setup at:

setup-{x86,x86_64}.exe -XOs

Please rebuild your Perl distributions again, since officially RCx
releases are not binary compatible with the official ones.

If you've already installed RC2, then you'll have to re-install
everything Perl (setup doesn't recognize 5.22.0-RC2 as being pre-5.22.0
and all distributions that haven't had a version bump in the meantime
still come with the same release number).  Instead of clicking on all
hundreds of selection boxes, you can do this before starting setup:

sed -re 's/(5\.22\.0-)(RC2-)?[0-9]/\10/;s/( perl-.*-)[0-9]+\./\10./' \
 -i.bak /etc/setup/installed.db

This will cause all Perl related stuff to be updated without your manual

> Depending on how the rebuilds of the other packages and distributions
> depending on the new Perl are progressing I might release a test
> version on as well.

This has become less likely, given my work schedule.

> Otherwise the first official Cygwin release will be 5.22.1, scheduled
> for beginning of July.

At the moment that is plan A, so everyone has about four weeks to build
for Perl 5.22 using the 5.22.0 "private" release.  No rebuilds of
distributions will be necessary with the 5.22.1 version bump.

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