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Obsolete dependency report: 2015-Jun-05

With the removal of brltty we were able to remove the last of the really
ancient obsolete libraries.  It would be nice to have that back someday,
but would require some work to make that happen.

Since the last report there have been two unresolved upgrades, lua and
ruby.  Due to the incompatibilities between versions of lua, there is a
lua5.1 compat package to avoid immediate breakage.  Please let me know
if you have any issues rebuilding with 5.2.

Marco, I know you are in the middle of a major octave upgrade; do you
need anything further Qt-wise to make that happen?

amanda[1]                                    Mark OâKeefe
gnuplot                                      Dr. Volker Zell
grub[1]                                      ORPHANED (Christian Franke)
lyx                                          Marco Atzeri
nmh                                          David Levine
octave                                       Marco Atzeri
octave-communications                        Marco Atzeri
python-h5py                                  Chris LeBlanc
python3-h5py                                 Chris LeBlanc
R                                            Marco Atzeri
rdtool[1]                                    Jari Aalto
rpm                                          Pavel Fedin
sng[2]                                       Andrew Schulman
weechat                                      Sebastien Helleu

[1] subject to removal from the distribution
[2] (but be sure
to get libpng12-devel-1.2.53-2 first)

The master list is kept at:

This page is set for moderated changes, so feel free to strikethrough
your package from the list once its uploaded.



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