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Re: setup

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> Basically upset generates setup.ini and setup.bz2 files and a makefile
> signs the files.

OK.  That task is fairly easy to isolate.

> But additionally upset also creates the data for the
> package search and it does the uploading from the package staging area.

That's a different task, but I guess I know where this is coming from
since I have arrived at a similar architecture.  It is separate enough
to be modularizable, but there's enough benefit from using the data
you've just brought into shape for the setup.ini generation that it
makes no sense to throw it all away and then generate it again for
staging the files.

> also handles the "autodep" and "incver_ifdep" stuff in setup.hint.

Do we still need this?  What is it _actually_ used for at the moment?

> "autodep" (and "noautodep") seems to have a bug, though, as we discussed
> a while back.  It seems to miss adding some of the required dependencies.

I have some code to ignore dependencies.  Adding dependencies at the
same place would be a doddle, but I can't really think of a good reason
to do this.  Most if not all of the autodep stuff could be replaced by
perpetual postinstall scripts and there's still the option to actually
implement pre/post install triggers in setup if that's not enough.

> "incver_ifdep" is still used in _update-info-dir unfortunately.  It would
> be nice to make this a perpetual postinstall script instead.

Yes, that seems preferrable.  It's still on my list of things to look
at, but pretty far down.

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