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Re: setup

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> Ok, I took a look.  Basically it looks fine, but it seems there's a bug
> in terms of sig_fail.

Oh yes, that's buggered up.

> You're giving sig_fail as argument to fetch_remote_ini.  Inside
> fetch_remote_ini, you're setting sig_fail, but you never test it.
> However, since sig_fail has been given to fetch_remote_ini by value,
> not by reference, the caller will never see the change to sig_fail.

Yes, that should have been a bool&.

> So in the expression
>   if (!ini_file && !sig_fail)
> sig_fail is always false.
> I'm also wondering of the new logic at this point.  If you fix the above
> call by value of sig_fail, the new logic will only continue if there
> was no sig test fail.  It will not continue if there was no ini file,
> as it did before.  Why?

When I pulled the two conditions into one, I just didn't get the logic
right.  I'll rework that later.

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