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Re: [Attn Maintainer] octave

Marco Atzeri writes:
> 2) zp_octave_finish.dash checks if
>    /var/lib/octave/update.flag exists
>   and if so execute
>   /usr/bin/octave-cli /var/lib/octave/update_packages_list

You need to set the path in the update script so that it finds the DLL
in /usr/lib/lapack or the script will never work (I just see you already
fixed it for 64bit).

The shells running postinstall don't source /etc/profile or anything
like that, so you need to set up the environment as you need it.  BTW,
the postinstall scripts for octave-forge should all be dash scripts as
well, just as any other postinstall script that isn't making use of any
bash specific feature.  You don't need to check for the existence of the
update file there either, just touch it.

Again, why is it not possible to keep that DLL in a standard location or
link octave with the correct runtime search path?  If it absolutely must
be on path, then couldn't you just add it on the invocation via a
wrapper script?

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