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Re: [ITP] busybox 1.23.2-1

Christian Franke writes:
> Hmm... it possibly would make sense to use alternatives(8) for the 
> /usr/bin/busybox symlink
> (and move man page and doc files to a separate busybox-doc package).

Yes, please.

> Note that both versions could be used to create a tiny 'portable' Cygwin 
> by copying libexec/busybox{,-standalone} to /some/where.
> Which variant is best depends on the use case.

How big would that package be in total?  While certainly bigger than
setup.exe, it might perhaps provide an opportunity to bootstrap a full
Cygwin installation while staying in the POSIX world.

> On a small Cygwin installation, install busybox and set
> PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/libexec/busybox/bin
> This will add tiny versions of various commands if the full package is 
> not installed.
> Some busybox commands not included in Cygwin "Base" install:
> bzip2, cpio, dos2unix, free, ftpget/put, hexdump, nc, pipe_progress, pscan,
> pstree, unix2dos, telnet, top, watch, wget, which, unlzma, unzip, unxz.
> IMO not too bad for a single exe which is smaller than bash.exe :-)

How compatible is it with (d)ash?  Or rather is it at least the same
level of POSIX compliant?  If it is, it should be in Base I'd say.

> Today I retried on another machine and it works. Looks like there is 
> some interesting problem in the Cygwin 64 installation on my build 
> machine :-)

How up-to-date is you binutils installation?  Also, IIRC JonY has been
swapping a few packages without bumping the release numbers, so maybe
try to re-install the toolchains.

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