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Re: [ITP] busybox 1.23.2-1

Achim Gratz wrote:
Christian Franke writes:
Hmm... it possibly would make sense to use alternatives(8) for the
/usr/bin/busybox symlink
(and move man page and doc files to a separate busybox-doc package).
Yes, please.

Agree. I will provide 3 packages:

- busybox: Normal shell mode, all commands below

- busybox-standalone: Standalone shell mode, same commands below

- busybox-doc: man page and doc files.

postinstall scripts of both binary packages use update-alternatives to install /usr/bin/busybox -> /usr/share/libexec/busybox{,-standalone}/bin/busybox.exe

preremove scripts remove an alternative only if still in auto mode.

Note that both versions could be used to create a tiny 'portable' Cygwin
by copying libexec/busybox{,-standalone} to /some/where.
Which variant is best depends on the use case.
How big would that package be in total?  While certainly bigger than
setup.exe, it might perhaps provide an opportunity to bootstrap a full
Cygwin installation while staying in the POSIX world.

64-bit version:

$ cp -a /usr/libexec/busybox /tmp/tiny-cygwin

$ cp -a /bin/cygwin1.dll /tmp/tiny-cygwin/bin

$ du /tmp/tiny-cygwin
4055    /tmp/tiny-cygwin/bin
0       /tmp/tiny-cygwin/etc
0       /tmp/tiny-cygwin/lib
28      /tmp/tiny-cygwin/sbin
0       /tmp/tiny-cygwin/tmp
0       /tmp/tiny-cygwin/usr
4083    /tmp/tiny-cygwin

(On NTFS. A copy to a USB flash drive with a FAT will grow the non-standalone version to ~10MB due to the many small symlink files).

Most space is used by cygwin1.dll itself.

busybox.exe with all working features enabled is ~600MB (bash: ~700MB). Removing the daemons, other rarely used commands and some features could reduce it to 300-350MB. I did't test LTO build which could further reduce size.

On a small Cygwin installation, install busybox and set


This will add tiny versions of various commands if the full package is
not installed.
Some busybox commands not included in Cygwin "Base" install:
bzip2, cpio, dos2unix, free, ftpget/put, hexdump, nc, pipe_progress, pscan,
pstree, unix2dos, telnet, top, watch, wget, which, unlzma, unzip, unxz.

IMO not too bad for a single exe which is smaller than bash.exe :-)
How compatible is it with (d)ash?  Or rather is it at least the same
level of POSIX compliant?  If it is, it should be in Base I'd say.

I did a few tests (e.g. running autoconf ./configure scripts) which worked as expected. I didn't run any test suite. According to the sourcecode, the busybox ash has the same origin as dash: the Almquist SHell.

Today I retried on another machine and it works. Looks like there is
some interesting problem in the Cygwin 64 installation on my build
machine :-)
How up-to-date is you binutils installation?  Also, IIRC JonY has been
swapping a few packages without bumping the release numbers, so maybe
try to re-install the toolchains.

Meantime I found the issue:
The 64-bit version was built from a directory reached via a symlink [$(pwd) != $(/bin/pwd)]. Unfortunately (in this case), bash passes the symlink version of the path down to cygport via PWD and this somehow breaks the debug source detection.
Using (cd $(/bin/pwd) && cygport ...) fixes the problem.


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