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allowing gmane to post to cygwin-apps

After years of trying, I finally got the gmane admins to change the status of
the gmane.os.cygwin.applications group from "unidirectional", where posting
through gmane isn't allowed, to "non-public", which should allow gmane users to
post to gmane.os.cygwin.applications and have their posts sent as email to
cygwin-apps at cygwin dot com.  See

However now that I try this, it doesn't work.  I posted a message and gmane
accepted it, but the post (Subject: gmane now allows posting directly to
cygwin-apps) hasn't appeared. In cases like this, gmane's position (in their
FAQ) is that they sent the email, and the problem must be elsewhere.

Does anyone know if there's something about the sourceware mailing list software
or configuration that would keep it from accepting email to cygwin-apps sent via
gmane?  Note that I've used gmane exclusively to post to the cygwin list for
years.  It works fine.  Only cygwin-apps seems to be affected by this problem.


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