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Re: [PATCH setup 0/3] Setup replacement for incver_ifdep

Jon Turney writes:
> This is an attempt at a setup feature which will allow the removal of the final 
> use of 'incver_ifdep' in setup.hint, by _update-info-dir package.

The easiest way to go about this would be to have _update-info-dir
install a perpetual postinstall script that does the very same things it
does now.  I'm not even sure it's worth the trouble to try to exit early
if there's nothing to do.

> See the discussions starting at around [1],[2] and following, although this 
> takes a slightly different approach.
> To be clear: IMHO, this functionality doesn't belong in upset or setup.

Yes, it seems odd to hardcode things that way.

> Since we now have scripts which run on every setup run, a package which requires 
> another package to do some work after it is installed or uninstalled can create 
> a file to act as a trigger for that to happen.

There aren't any stratified scripts for pre-remove, so a lot of the
things that you might wish for don't work anyway.  So again it would
need to be fixed without getting a trigger or setup would need to be
made a lot smarter than it is today.

> Unfortunately, it's not very practical to change to doing that for the all 
> packages which contain info files, so I am suggesting this approach.

So just do it unconditionally; I was planning to change _update-info-dir
accordingly, but haven't found the time yet.  I do the same with mandb
locally already and I haven't looked back.

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