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Re: new arch mismatches

On 08/12/2015 04:19, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
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This is strange
spice 			64 bit
there is a "spice-debuginfo" package but not a "spice" binary package.

The binary packages are named libspice-server*.

That are missing in the 32 bit

$ grep "^@" setup.ini* |grep libspice
setup.ini32:@ libspice-client-glib2.0-devel
setup.ini32:@ libspice-client-glib2.0_8
setup.ini32:@ libspice-client-gtk2.0-devel
setup.ini32:@ libspice-client-gtk2.0_4
setup.ini32:@ libspice-client-gtk3.0-devel
setup.ini32:@ libspice-client-gtk3.0_4
setup.ini32:@ libspice-controller-devel
setup.ini32:@ libspice-controller0

setup.ini64:@ libspice-client-glib2.0-devel
setup.ini64:@ libspice-client-glib2.0_8
setup.ini64:@ libspice-client-gtk2.0-devel
setup.ini64:@ libspice-client-gtk2.0_4
setup.ini64:@ libspice-client-gtk3.0-devel
setup.ini64:@ libspice-client-gtk3.0_4
setup.ini64:@ libspice-controller-devel
setup.ini64:@ libspice-controller0
setup.ini64:@ libspice-server-devel
setup.ini64:@ libspice-server1


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