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Re: [PATCH setup 11/11] Use wininet for fetching URLs in direct (non-proxy) case (DO NOT APPLY)

Hello all,

On 2017-05-01 22:45, Jon Turney wrote:
It seems this could be an existing bug which could have been triggered the proxy case.

The attached incremental patch fixed this for me.

Seem to work fine for https and ftp now, I don't have the means to test ftps yet.

One thought though, why not let wininet take care of file:// URL's as well? Or actually don't try to parse the url string at all and just pass it down to NETIO_IE5 unfiltered? The advantage is setup would be able to handle what ever protocols wininet has. Also letting wininet taking care of file:// url's would let the user install from a local network resource (i.e file server). I'm been thinking of the case when someone wants to use a local directory repo would be slightly more complicated since relative paths does not work with file url's. One way to solve this particular case would be to check the first character for '.' and use that as an indicator to a local dir.


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