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Re: [ITP] cygregext (formerly cygscript)

On 29.4.2017 14.54, Jon Turney wrote:
> On 28/04/2017 21:46, Eric Blake wrote:
>> On 04/28/2017 03:08 AM, Joni Eskelinen wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I've renamed cygscript as proposed. Hopefully cygregext conveys its
>>> purpose more clearly. A man page has also been added.
>> My first read was 'cygwin regular-expressions t'.  Maybe a slight tweak
>> to cygextreg (for cygwin extension registration) keeps the same length
>> but with less confusion with an already well-used abbreviation?
> This makes sense to me, but it's your choice.
Thanks for your input. I've renamed the command to cygextreg, hopefully
for the last time for now :). TBH i wasn't really happy with the ring of
'regex' in cygregext, so this is definitely better.

>>>>> Nice work.  I'm kind of surprised we don't have something like this
>>>>> already.
>>>>>> This application is not included in any other distro, so i reckon
>>>>>> a vote
>>>>>> must be first passed.
>>>>> +1
>> At any rate, I'm also +1 for inclusion, whether or not you take my
>> naming suggestion.
> Please provide a ssh key as per
I'll proceed with a request.

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