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Re: Two new TeX Live collections

On 05/05/2017 17:17, Ken Brown wrote:
On 5/5/2017 10:59 AM, Marco Atzeri wrote:

On 05/05/2017 16:15, Ken Brown wrote:
Would someone please add the following two lines to cygwin-pkg-maint?

texlive-collection-mathscience               Ken Brown
texlive-collection-mathscience-doc           Ken Brown

The first obsoletes texlive-collection-mathextra and
texlive-collection-science, and the second obsoletes
texlive-collection-mathextra-doc and texlive-collection-science-doc.  I
assume the obsolete packages can be removed from cygwin-pkg-maint once
I've uploaded the new ones.





One question (probably for Jon or Yaakov): Once I upload the new
texlive-collection-mathscience{,-doc} packages, the files for the
obsolete ones will appear in subdirectories of these.  But the previous
versions of the now obsolete packages will still appear in top-level
directories texlive-collection-mathextra, and so on.  Can calm handle
this, or will there have to be some manual rearrangement of the


It will need manual handling.
Calm can not handle same package in two different trees.


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