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Re: [PATCH setup 11/11] Use wininet for fetching URLs in direct (non-proxy) case (DO NOT APPLY)

On 16/05/17 18:05, Åke Rehnman wrote:
On 2017-05-16 16:00, Jon Turney wrote:
I am a bit confused about the behaviour I'm seeing, though.

I'm expecting "file:///c:/path" and "file://host/path" to work, but
they don't seem to.
Same behavior here...

Since those are apparently the correct form of URLs, any ideas about how we might get them to work?

However, "file://c:/path" now works, which is good, and
"file:////host/path" continues to work

The documentation for InternetOpenUrl() says "Only URLs beginning with
ftp:, http:, or https: are supported" so I'm wondering if this is
really something we should be expecting to work...
Here is at least an enumeration of different schemes...

Hmm... I'm not sure that's not just telling you what you can get back from InternetCrackUrl (which we should probably switch to using in NetIO::set_url() rather than doing things by hand)

Also, is there a reason for the hunk in removing the
reporting of a problem opening the file?

It will complain for every setup file not found for instance if setup.xz
is missing bug setup.ini is present. And besides, why should nio_file
complain but not http and ftp?

Ah yes, I see the inconsistency now you point it out.  Makes sense.

I guess that should be changed to a log message.

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