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Re: units issues

On the cygwin list, Achim Gratz asked:
> Can you please make that configurable by some file in /var/lib/units 
> that will prevent the perpetual postinstall script from even forking
> if the user decides that this should not be updated?

Configuration of units is currently supported only in
/usr/share/units/*.units files which are defaulted by the utility,
specified on the command line, included from one of those, or specified
in ~/.units, and conditions may be specified depending only on either
locale or an environment variable.

The easiest approaches to this would be:
- rename or delete postinstall script which might upset cygcheck or
setup remove
- null /usr/share/units/currency.units, as it is required and produces
an error message if not available, but if it is empty, everything works.

It is not very useful if not up to date (I run the update daily), and if
not up to date, might as well be empty, but some opinions may differ.

In the postinstall script find which ensures updates happen at most daily:
/usr/bin/find /usr/share/units/currency.units -mtime +0 -exec
/usr/bin/units_cur \;
I could add a -size +0 qualifier, which would skip the update if the
file is empty, and avoid creating a config flag file in directory
/var/lib/units/, which is not currently created or used by the package.

I will ask upstream about disabling currency updates by the python
script, as that would be a preferred configurable approach.

In any case, I will raise handling an expired cert in the python update
script upstream, and suggest a configurable override.

Please respond with any advice on how disabling pi updates and expired
certs are or should be dealt with in postinstall scripts or python (I
posted a temporary replacement workaround script and change to the
original on the cygwin list, so the technical workaround is known and

and Ian Lambert reported:
> In /var/log/setup.log.full I see:
> Error connecting to currency server. <urlopen error [Errno 8] Name or service not known>
> Running /usr/bin/units_cur or /etc/postinstall/ I get
> Error connecting to currency server. HTTP Error 407: Proxy Authentication Required
> I'm behind a proxy requiring username, password, and restrictions on user-agents...

I will raise handling proxies upstream, but once again, any advice is
welcome, including technical approaches that work with Windows proxies
under Cygwin in python3 (I am not a "python guy", and resort to google
and SO, although some of those "suggestions" just don't work, as I found
looking for ways to handle the expired cert).

I posted responses that I'd take the issues upstream, follow up here,
and report back, or provide a package update.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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