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Re: calm: mksetupini doesn't allow non-empty source but empty install files for an obsolete package

On 23/05/2017 14:44, Ken Brown wrote:
I've created an obsolete package (as discussed starting at  But mksetupini doesn't like it:

mksetupini: package 'texlive-collection-htmlxml' version '20170520-1' source has no non-empty install tarfiles
mksetupini: package set has errors, not writing setup.ini

I thought the following would fix it:

--- a/calm/
+++ b/calm/
@@ -636,6 +636,9 @@ def validate_packages(args, packages):
              if packages[p].tars[packages[p].vermap[v]['source']].is_empty:

This should be being caught by this case (source is empty), but it isn't, I guess because it's got a .keep file due to other problems previously discussed.

+            if '_obsolete' in packages[p].vermap[v].get('category', ''):
+                continue

I think this maybe needs to be packages[p].version_hints[v].get('category', '') ?

              if not packages[p].tars[packages[p].vermap[v]['source']].is_used:
                  logging.error("package '%s' version '%s' source has no non-empty install tarfiles" % (p, v))
                  error = True

But I must have something wrong, because I still get the error after this change.

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