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Re: units issues

Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E] writes:
> I would prefer that by default updates happen automatically and those
> who do not want automatic updates do something to stop them from
> happening.

That there should be updates was never debated, only the machanism of
doing so is discussed here.

> For instance, someone who does not want updates makes the
> definitions file read-only and have the script check for write
> permission and exit or skip updating if the file cannot be written.  A
> zero length read-only file works if one is worried about someone using
> stale conversion factors.  An environmental variable whose existence
> marks no-update might be another possibility.

No again.  In general, it is a no-no to alter or remove files that came
with the package (besides, the user might not even be able to, depending
on how Cygwin gets installed).  Cygwin isn't very fussy about such
errors at the moment, but that shouldn't be an excuse to become sloppy.

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