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Re: units issues

Brian Inglis writes:
> Updating the currencies only when setup is run seems to me to be
> insufficient if users want to use current currency conversions.

Well yes.  But that means that each user should be able to update, not
just the administrator.

> Would the best approach be to punt on running the update script at all,
> install a null /usr/share/units/currency.units file, announce and
> document that if currency conversions are desirable, the user should
> arrange to run the update script, either from the command line, profile,
> cron job, or Task Scheduler?

In that case the file should not be packaged at all and it should live
in /usr/var somewplace, I think.  But if you think a bit further you'll
see that this wouldn't be sufficient when the user cannot write there.

> If we kept the postinstall script, we could change it to run only if the
> currency.units file is non-null and drop the time check:
> [ -s /usr/share/units/currency.units ] && /usr/bin/units_cur
> or keep the time check, using find -mtime +0, or date and stat.

Again, if you package that updater, it'd make sense to create a
sub-package just for that and provide any customization as to which
update style is preferred (the things you mentioned are all sensible in
some situation, just not together).  The longer I think about it the
less convincing the idea that a postinstalll script should do the actual
updating, although it might be one of the options you offer.

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