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Re: units issues

On 2017-05-24 12:13, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Brian Inglis writes:
>> Updating the currencies only when setup is run seems to me to be
>> insufficient if users want to use current currency conversions.
> Well yes.  But that means that each user should be able to update, not
> just the administrator.
>> Would the best approach be to punt on running the update script at all,
>> install a null /usr/share/units/currency.units file, announce and
>> document that if currency conversions are desirable, the user should
>> arrange to run the update script, either from the command line, profile,
>> cron job, or Task Scheduler?
> In that case the file should not be packaged at all and it should live
> in /usr/var somewplace, I think.  But if you think a bit further you'll
> see that this wouldn't be sufficient when the user cannot write there.
>> If we kept the postinstall script, we could change it to run only if the
>> currency.units file is non-null and drop the time check:
>> [ -s /usr/share/units/currency.units ] && /usr/bin/units_cur
>> or keep the time check, using find -mtime +0, or date and stat.
> Again, if you package that updater, it'd make sense to create a
> sub-package just for that and provide any customization as to which
> update style is preferred (the things you mentioned are all sensible in
> some situation, just not together).  The longer I think about it the
> less convincing the idea that a postinstalll script should do the actual
> updating, although it might be one of the options you offer.

The updater is part of the installed package.
Running it in postinstall was added by the original cygwin packager.

I am now leaning heavily towards a /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/units.README
documenting the commands to automate currency updates properly, the
possible approaches to implementing the commands, leaving the mechanism
to the user to implement, and conspicuously referring to that doc in
future upgrade notices.

I will try again to contact upstream via this time,
and work on fixing the issues with the updater site cert expiry, by
retrying with cert checking disabled, and see if I can come up with
another fix to work with Windows proxy authentication.

I would appreciate it if anyone has any experience with, or can point me
to, any python3 code in any Cygwin package which works Windows proxy

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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