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Re: units issues

On 2017-05-24 20:07, Doug Henderson wrote:
> , On 24 May 2017 at 18:16, Brian Inglis wrote:
>> I would appreciate it if anyone has any experience with, or can point me
>> to, any python3 code in any Cygwin package which works Windows proxy
>> authentication?
> I had a glance at the source. I recall adapting it to load SQL tables
> with units data. I recall writing code very similar to that in the
> units_cur{2|3} python sources to keep the table current.
> units_cur2 is the python2 version, units_cur3 is the python3 version
> of the updater.
> It is using the urllib and ElementTree packages which are parts of the
> standard python release.
> A possibly more featureful replacement for urllib is the requests
> package, available in the cygwin packages python2-requests and
> python3-requests. See for
> the documentation. It claims "HTTP(S) Proxy Support" however I have
> not used that feature.
> There are two similar lines that use urllib:
> ... urllib.request.urlopen('URL1>') ...
> ... urllib.request.urlopen('<URL2>?f=xml') ...
> Using requests, they become:
> ... requests.get('<URL1>').text ...
> ... requests.get('<URL2>', params={'f':'xml'}).text ...
> Some additional code is required to support proxies, but I can't help
> much there.
> See for info.

Hi Doug,
Thanks for the pointers which document things better than urllib.

It looks like it should be possible to support proxies by setting
environment variables:

I will check this out further to see whether that requires urllib2,
urllib3, or requests, which are packaged for cygwin, and follow up with
the OP on the issue, to see what works.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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