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Re: 'cygport dep' is empty for orpie

[Attn Maintainer] procps-ng

Re: [ITP] cygregext (formerly cygscript)

Re: [ITP] extractpdfmark 1.0.2

Re: [ITP] polipo 1.1.1

[ITP] python2-future and python3-future

[PATCH cygport 0/3] cygport patches

[PATCH cygport 1/3] Pass DEPEND through to .hint for source package as build-depends:

[PATCH cygport 2/3] Don't allow SRC_URI or PATCH_URI to depend on ARCH

[PATCH cygport 3/3] Update documentation of all and almostall

[PATCH setup 00/10] Various setup patches

[PATCH setup 00/14] Use libsolv, solve all our problems... (WIP)

[PATCH setup 00/15] Various setup patches

[PATCH setup 01/10] isBinary() should return true for orphaned packages

[PATCH setup 01/14] Opaque how PackageDepends is stored

[PATCH setup 01/15] Add Makefile rule to rename build products to form used when uploading

[PATCH setup 02/10] Correctly calculate total data to checksum when using IncludeSource

[PATCH setup 02/14] Factor out reading installed.db

[PATCH setup 02/15] Don't bother storing prev version

[PATCH setup 03/10] Rename category "Misc" to "Orphaned"

[PATCH setup 03/14] Hoist addScript() etc. up from packageversion to packagemeta

[PATCH setup 03/15] Rename "Internet Explorer Proxy Settings" to "System Proxy Settings"

[PATCH setup 04/10] Make PrereqChecker::setTrust() a static method

[PATCH setup 04/14] Hoist pick() up to packagemeta

[PATCH setup 04/15] Remove packageversion::sources(), only packageversion::source() is useful

[PATCH setup 05/10] Move and rename dumpAndList()

[PATCH setup 05/14] Hoist uninstall up to Installer::uninstallOne()

[PATCH setup 05/15] Remove unused forward declaration of non-existent class category

[PATCH setup 06/10] Fold IniDBBuilderPackage::buildInstallSize() into buildPackageInstall()

[PATCH setup 06/14] Hoist scan() up from packageversion to packagemeta

[PATCH setup 06/15] Remove unneeded virtual from class packagesource's methods

[PATCH setup 07/10] Fold build(Install|Source)(MD5|SHA512) into buildPackage(Install|Source)

[PATCH setup 07/14] Store package stability in class packageversion

[PATCH setup 07/15] Simplify class packagesource

[PATCH setup 08/10] Fix infinite recursion in grammar for depends

[PATCH setup 08/14] Change to using a libsolv pool for storing package information

[PATCH setup 08/15] Fix comments and indentation in check_for_cached

[PATCH setup 09/10] Improve error recovery in setup.ini parsing

[PATCH setup 09/14] Remove cygpackage class

[PATCH setup 09/15] Initial setting of trust should be TRUST_CURR

[PATCH setup 10/10] Remove OR from grammar

Re: [PATCH setup 10/11] Don't show source-only packages in package list

[PATCH setup 10/14] Remove packageversion class

[PATCH setup 10/15] Change PackageSpecification::_operator to an enum

Re: [PATCH setup 11/11] Use wininet for fetching URLs in direct (non-proxy) case (DO NOT APPLY)

[PATCH setup 11/14] Drop in SolvableVersion as a replacement for packageversion

[PATCH setup 11/15] Remove useless PackageSpecification methods

[PATCH setup 12/14] Use solver to check for problems and produce a list of package transactions

[PATCH setup 12/15] Stop pretending to support complex dependencies

[PATCH setup 13/14] Download/checksum/install/uninstall what transaction wants

[PATCH setup 13/15] All, rather than just the first (usually current) version should get dependencies

[PATCH setup 14/14] Add obsoletes: support

[PATCH setup 14/15] Make PackageDepends a type

[PATCH setup 15/15] Add some progress reporting during preremove and uninstall

Re: [SECURITY] gnutls

Re: [SECURITY] libidn - locale specific error in test suite

adopt and update libatomic_ops and libgc

calm: mksetupini doesn't allow non-empty source but empty install files for an obsolete package

cygport patch

Haxe package

ITP stoken 0.91

Making a package obsolete

Re: MP3 support in Cygwin

Re: Neko package

Re: noarching source packages

opam package

Perl layout for 5.26+

request for cygwin app/package lldp

Requesting upload privileges

setup release candidate

SSH key for upload access

Two new TeX Live collections

Re: units issues

Re: Updated: {jasper/libjasper1/libjasper-devel}-1.900.22-1: JPEG-2000 codec library

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