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Re: [PATCH setup 0/4] Distinguish between user URLs and cygwin mirrors in UI

On 2017-12-03 08:22, Ken Brown wrote:
> This is a followup to
> .
> In that message Jon suggested splitting site selection into two pages,
> one for mirrors and one for additional user URLs.  The
> latter would be visible only if the user had previously checked a
> suitable checkbox.
> I attempted to implement this but found it to be too complicated.
> This patch series implements a variant of that suggestion.  There is
> still only one site selection page, but it now has a checkbox "Allow
> sites that are not mirrors".  The box is initially
> unchecked unless the "last-mirror" user setting in setup.rc contains a
> non-mirror.

Will this interfere with running setup -gM using an "unofficial" last-mirror
to skip to the package upgrade/selection page?

There are a bunch of distro mirrors that are not "official"/listed publicly:
many unis and local UUGs mirror distros on publicly accessible hosts, that are
not on distros' mirror lists, probably because they don't want any extra admin,
support, or network load.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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