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Re: [RFC] calm, setup: per-version requires

Jon Turney writes:
> prior to 2.880:  Will ignore 'depends:', so 'requires:' needs to
> remain the union of dependencies for the benefit of these versions of
> setup.

If you want to maintain backwards compatibility.  I am still sitting on
the fence on that, but I currently lean to propose a clean cut and
producing a setup.ini file for backwards compatibility for some time in
parallel with some new file that uses the new syntax only.

> 2.880 onwards: The curr: version will get the union of 'depends:' and
> 'requires:', other versions will get 'requires:'.

That doesn't make any sense, since the requires would be the union of
all depends already.  So, 2.880+ should ignore the requires: and use the
union of [curr] and any version specific depends:.  But maybe I
misunderstood what you want to be doing.

> The prereq checker checks that the dependencies are satisfied
> (including any version relation), but then installs the 'curr:' or
> 'test:' version (depending on chooser preference) imagining that will
> satisfy it.
> libsolv-based: 'depends:' supersedes 'requires:', installs the right
> right thing (hopefully :))

Wait…  I thought libsolve-based was 2.880+?

Again the note that the libsolve-based setup.ini format should include a
way to provides: a named feature that other packages can then depends:

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