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Re: [PATCH setup v3 0/6] Distinguish between user URLs and cygwin mirrors in UI

On 2017-12-06 14:55, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 12/6/2017 4:07 PM, Brian Inglis wrote:
>> On 2017-12-06 13:45, Ken Brown wrote:
>>> This is a followup to
>>> in which Jon suggested splitting site selection into two pages, one
>>> for mirrors and one for additional user URLs.  The latter
>>> would be visible only if the user had previously checked a suitable
>>> checkbox.  This patch series implements that suggestion.
>>> The page for mirrors shows the area and location of each mirror, as 
>>> suggested by Brian Inglis, but it still uses truncated URLs as before. 
>>> [Brian, see the last patch, which is in your name.  Feel free to improve
>>> it.]
>>>    Display area and location of mirrors, and add these to the sort key
>> I had added Last mirror and User added descriptive prefixes to the
>> displayed URLs, and uniqueness checks, as you suggested and we discussed,
>> but then saw your patches, and have been holding off until those land.
>> Should I still look at adding those prefixes once I can pull the updated sources?
> I suggest that we wait and see what happens with my patches. Then we can 
> discuss what further improvements can be made.
OK by me - I prefer not dealing with code conflicts.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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