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Re: [RFC] calm, setup: per-version requires

On 05/12/2017 18:14, Achim Gratz wrote:
Jon Turney writes:
2.880 onwards: The curr: version will get the union of 'depends:' and
'requires:', other versions will get 'requires:'.

Actually it's worse than that, it just concatenates requires: and any depends: lines, applying the current concatenated list to each version, as it seen (fixed as of 2.883)

That doesn't make any sense, since the requires would be the union of
all depends already.  So, 2.880+ should ignore the requires: and use the
union of [curr] and any version specific depends:.  But maybe I
misunderstood what you want to be doing.

These are lists, not sets, so can (and will, in this scenario) contain duplicates.

The prereq checker checks that the dependencies are satisfied
(including any version relation), but then installs the 'curr:' or
'test:' version (depending on chooser preference) imagining that will
satisfy it.

libsolv-based: 'depends:' supersedes 'requires:', installs the right
right thing (hopefully :))

Wait…  I thought libsolve-based was 2.880+?

I don't know what could have given you that idea. It's not released yet.

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