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Re: integrating latest mingw headers/startup

On Mon, Apr 05, 1999, Mumit Khan wrote:
> I had forgotten that the mingw headers/startup code in winsup is somewhat
> outdated. I have the latest snapshot, included in mingw32 egcs-1.1.2 bin
> release, on my ftp site:
> Please let me know if I need to do something to get these into the Cygwin
> snapshots. It's probably easier to import than to do diffs, but if diffs
> are needed instead, I can do that as well against Cygwin winsup tree. 
> The major changes include header fixes (eg., deleting deprecated alloc.h,
> deprecate dir.h but keeping for compatibility, signal header fixes, and
> most importantly fixes to startup code to handle signals correctly). The
> sources are based on Colin Peters' latest 980701 snapshot + local fixes.

I just finished committing this into our sources.  The only changes I
kept were to the so that the includes would be installed
into a mingw32 directory for optional inclusion by gcc.  (Other than
that, they were directly imported).


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