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Re: [ New snapshots]

Mumit and Chris,

	Thanks for the info.  I had been hesitant to build the newest snapshots
because of the problems I saw in the DLL binary.  I'll give it a try.

John Fortin

Mumit Khan wrote:
> writes:
> > All,
> >       I'm assuming this patch requires a bebuild of egcs. Is this the 1.1.2
> > version available (source, that is) at Mumit's site?
> >
> John,
> This is a side effect of stack alignment patch to improve performance
> (gory details in Intel arch manual), and it's new in upcoming egcs-1.2.
> egcs-1.1.2 did not have this feature, and consquently free from the
> problem as well.
> If you're building egcs development tree from CVS (I don't know if the
> last snapshot included rth's change or not), it should be ok now. If not,
> please holler.
> Regards,
> Mumit