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Re: cygwin1.dll startup and GDB

On Tue, Apr 27, 1999 at 10:30:48PM -0400, wrote:
>DJ Delorie wrote:
>> >       Either way, mapname will be NULL since NULL is being passed as the
>> > first parameter to open_shared.
>> Not always.  When NULL is passed, we musn't call OpenFileMapping(),
>> because it doesn't fail gracefully when passed NULL.
>Sorry, I meant in the specific case I had described later where NULL
>was passed.

Maybe we're agreeing here, but I just wanted to point out again that
DJ's analysis of the situation was correct (not a surprise).  The
problem was that OpenFileMapping should never be called when name ==
NULL.  This was a bug that my recent change introduced.  Prior to my
change, that segment of code never saw a name == NULL.  After my change,
this segment of code was *validly* passed a NULL but it was not dealing
with it the way I intended.

Anyway, that means that either his change or mine should rectify the

I'm not sure why you are arguing the point rather than trying his