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Re: (patch) reg_key copy construction bug


I have to note that my cygwin1.dll is not crashing on startup, however.
That is not new code, is it?  Hasn't it been there for years/


On Thu, Apr 29, 1999 at 03:08:36PM -0500, Mumit Khan wrote:
>The following fix is hopefully obvious. Think of what happens when you 
>pass a copy of a (open) reg_key to a function -- it calls the destructor 
>on the way back, and so the does the original and RegClose crashes trying.
>The current implementation of reg_key is dangerous in that it blindly
>allows a copy construction;  it should really disable copying by using
>a private copy. However that'll break the subkey generation, so it'll 
>take a bit of rework.
>The current code should always crash in mount_info::from_registry ()
>when Cygwin1.dll starts up.