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b21 -- various small issues

Cygwin folks,

Now that Chris is talking about b21, it's probably a good time to
bring up these various not-so-important issues that may increase 
the "user-friendliness" of Cygwin.

few little things on my wish list related to dev tools/newlib:

1. Add cygwin specific pathname handling in egcs (soon to be aka GCC3!).
   I'm going to try to get it into upcoming egcs-1.2. This will force
   POSIX pathnames no matter how you specify the files via command line
   and env variables. Chris knows about this.
2. Rehash the issue of entry point names. Both Chris and DJ had mentioned
   it in the past, but nobody seems to have taken the bait to submit
3. Add new entry point for --subsystem,windows to avoid the annoying
   warning about missing entry point, and also to force WinMain to be
   pulled out of archives (see the problem report regarding V in the
   recent cygwin mailing list). This also allows us to set a flag the
   tells winsup whether the app is console or GUI and act accordingly
   if necessary.
4. Revisit the issue of multiple entry points and see if the *foreign*
   hack is still needed. It may not be needed anymore, but I'm in no
   position to check at present.
5. New binutils with DJ's ld --shared? If so, we need the fix for
   initialized common problem if not already there. DJ knows about this.

General winsup:

1. Distinguish between console and GUI app by setting a flag in the
   startup so that we can change the error function to either write to
   console (current default) or to use MessageBox if GUI. 

2. Fix small_vsprintf to use FormatMessage and friends to use the
   appropriate win32 error message. We could use the GUI or console
   app flag to write to console or use MessageBox here as well.

Many many more I'm forgetting, so please chip in with extra in addition
to critiques.