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Re[2]: gdb "attach" and sharing thread info between processes


CF> The recently announced gdb 4.18 should have the ability to attach to
CF> a running process and manipulate threads.

CF> You can get the sources from
CF> .

Thanks,  it  really  works. The only drawback I encountered is that it
fails  to  load  dll  symbols  when attaching to process. According to
comments  in  win32-nat.c  that's because gdb cannot retrieve full dll
file name.
Microsoft provide special dll -- psapi.dll

which provides all needed functionality. Alas, this method works under
NT  only. Moreover -- this dll is nonstandard -- it's not available in
common  NT  distribution  (though it's included in ResKit). Below is a
patch for gdb-4.18 to make it use psapi.dll, if possible.

I'm   also  planning  to  make  a  patch  to winsup, which would allow
to  handle exceptions  by  starting  debugger.  i  think  it  would be
acceptable  substitution  for  core  files  functionality. What do you
think about usefulness of such patch?

Egor.   ICQ 5165414 FidoNet 2:5020/496.19