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Re: Statically initialising pthread attributes in dynamic dlls.

On 22/02/2010 16:27, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I'll look into it.  

  Looks like you already anticipated it!

>   /* Here in the distant past of 17-Jul-2009, we had an issue where Windows
>      2008 became YA perplexed because the cygwin exception handler was added
>      at the start of the SEH while still being in the list further on.  This
>      was because we added a loop by setting el.prev to _except_list here.
>      Since el is reused in this thread, and this function can be called
>      more than once when a dll is loaded, this is not a good thing.
>      So, for now, until the next required tweak, we will just avoid adding the
>      cygwin exception handler if it is already on this list.  This could present
>      a problem if some previous exception handler tries to do things that are
>      better left to Cygwin.  I await the cygwin mailing list notification of
>      this event with bated breath.
>      (cgf 2009-07-17) */

  This thread is that notification!


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