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Re: The increased path length changes

On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 08:46, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 07:36:21AM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
> >...Ron claims said assignment is in place...
> I have no record of an assignment so if there is an assignment, it
> predates me.  I don't see any changes in the ChangeLog which would
> indicate the need for an assignment prior to this either.
> I believe that Ron did work on the original version of the Cygwin
> installer but that did not require an assignment.

Ah. Ron - do you have a copy of the assignment that was sent in? While
much of your patches are self-evident/mechanical, the unicode diff is
probably non trivial enough to require a copyright assignment from you,
even after it's been transformed on the way through.

Chris, The work I've been putting up is based on a set of patches Ron
sent me. I suspect that 03 may cause (c) issues. What do you think?:

> Here are 5 patches against cygwin 1.5.5-1:
> 01-add-cygwin-create-file.diff.gz
>         Adds cygwin_create_file and changes all CreateFile references
>  to use it.
> 02-add-cygwin-create-directory.diff.gz
>         Ditto for cygwin_create_directory.

these two are mechanical: simple search in replace, with the new thunks
one line calls to the original function. 
> 03-use-unicode.diff.gz
>         Implement calling CreateFileW and CreateDirectoryW for all
>  local file system files using the "\\?\" prefix.

This patch formed the basis for my development of IOThunkState. It was a
pair of 25 line functions replacements to the two thunks previously
introduced, which I refactored into IOThunkState to allow more code

> 04-maxpath.diff.gz
>         Raise MAXPATH from 260 to 4096.

This was purely mechanical.

> xx-diagnostics.diff.gz
>         Diagnostic code for that I used when necessary. 
>  It is even commented out in the diff.

This isn't being submitted at this point (it creates a log file with the
translated unicode text which is of no use outside testing).

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