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Re: Does the b19 gcc have a compatibility option for compiling Mingw3

On 01-Mar-1998, <> wrote:
> >
> >   Sun, 1 Mar 1998 07:41:57 GMT
> >That's the question:  Is there a command-line option that can be added
> >to the ming specs so that gcc-b19 compiles ming-compatible code and
> >links with, say, the latest egcs ming libraries?
> >
> >Contrariwise, is anyone in the ming camp going to make an addon ming
> >release compatible with gcc-b19?
> If you compile the minimalist MINGW32 source using gcc-b19, then attempt
> to compile hello.c with the ming specs in place and the includes and lib
> changed, you get a message to the effect that gcc-b19 can't find __main.
> Adding test __main and _main to ming doesn't get rid of that message.

This is probably because b19 does not include libgcc.a in cygwinb19.dll.
The fix would be to change the mingw32 specs file to link in libgcc.a.

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