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Re: GNU 2.95.1 .......libc881.a

Srinivasa T.N. <> writes:

[ ... ]
>After this there was a problem in the compilation of
>libiberty/vsprintf.c. This was being compiled with 'xgcc' and it was not
>able to locate the macro _IOSTRG used in the statement

You might need to specify a path to the necessary header files for your
target system. I had this problem while trying to get gcc to compile as an
m68k-coff cross compiler.

>I commented out _IOSTRG and proceeded. Is this the right thing to do?

Probably not, but if thatīs the only way to get it to run ... =8^)

>Can anyone tell where libc881.a will be found?

If you are using multilib, there should be no such thing. There should be
several versions of libc and libm in different directories (I have m5200,
m68000, mcpu32, msoft-float and the default (68020)). Of course, this may
be different for a m68k-motorola-sysvr4 target - I have a m68k-coff target
without any operating system, so the above may be totally bogus for you.

>I also would like to know if anybody has configured g++ as a cross
>compiler successfully.

I have, like this:

../gcc-2.95.1/configure --target=m68k-coff \
	--with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld --with-newlib \
	--with-headers=../newlib-1.8.1/newlib/libc/include/ \

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