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Re: Help -- missing files in GCC 2.95.1 installation

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Jeffrey A Law wrote:

>  In message <>you write:
>  > 	Hi,
>  > 	I need some help with out multi-platform GCC installation, and I would
>  > much appreciate if someone could steer me to the solution.
>  > 	Here is the problem: when GCC 2.95.1 was installed on a number of
>  > different platforms (8 of them, to be exact), two files turned up
>  > missing. For each of the following files, I did a search of both prefix
>  > and exec-prefix directories, as well as of the source and object
>  > directories.
>  > 
>  > 	libgcj.spec and java.lang are two files GCJ is asking for. I trawled
>  > DejaNews for any references to it, and it looks like it is supposed to
>  > be installed as a part of GCC (gcj, to be precise) installation -- yet
>  > it was not. The gcj binary is there, the libgcj.spec and java.lang are
>  > not.
>I believe those files are installed as part of the libjava library (libgjc).
>For various reasons the Java runtime libraries are not currently distributed
>with GCC.  I hope that will change in the future.
>Anyway, what you need to do is get the Java runtime libraries, build and 

	Thanks a lot. I will do so in the near future. I guess I should
have taken the warning about GCJ's immaturity to heart, and simply not
installed it to begin with.

	Again, thanks.

	Victor Danilchenko

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