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setitimer() and profiling (was RE: pause())

Geoffrey Noer said:

> > All of the usual timers (REAL, VIRTUAL, PROF), or just ITIMER_REAL?
> Just ITEMER_REAL.  :-(
Bummer. I have a nagging suspicion I'm missing something in the NT
performance measurement interfaces, but they're (a) so ugly, and (b) so
numerous, that I can't figure it out. And that wouldn't help you, anyway,
since many of those don't exist under Win95.

> On a related subject, do you have a profiler working by any chance?
> (One based on ITIMER_REAL is better than none at all but...)
Not yet. After gcc and gdb, our next priority is g77.

(By the way, the source for our NT/Alpha gcc implementation is available on
our web site, It's based on 2.7.2., though, and I
couldn't say when we'd be able to roll up to 2.8.1. Some enterprising person
is more than welcome to take our source and make the necessary changes to
2.8.1. We did a lot more than just make gcc generate NT/Alpha executables; a
buncha bugs got fixed while we were in there.)

Jason Zions
Softway Systems Inc.

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